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Saturday, 25 January 2014

"pH miracle" Robert O Young, of live blood analysis fame, arrested and charged in January 2014

Update: 14 March 2016 - Robert O Young is currently in jail after being found guilty on two charges of practising medicine without a licnse. He was acquitted on the third charge, but will now face another six charges (include theft by fraud). He's also being sued by one of his former patients. His activities are catching up with him. Source: pH Miracle author to face new trial


I first came across Robert O Young a few years ago while working at Diabetes UK. My job was to answer people's science-related enquiries and one or two had come in from people wondering about a book by ROY, for which the promotional material had claimed all sorts of weird and wonderful cures. The claims were fanciful, the biochemical information was poor and the evidence was patchy - but I could see why it was popular.

A number of my complaints to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority have been about organisations offering live blood analysis and one or two of the practitioners reference Robert O Young (he runs courses in teaching people how to offer live blood microscopy to their clients). Since these courses don't actually teach much genuine information about either microscopy or making sense of blood smears there are an awful lot of people who have been ripped off to the tune of several thousand pounds, but at least they have a microscope and plenty of willing punters, so the ripping off continues, albeit unwittingly.

Robert O Young arrested and charged on Thursday 23 January 2014

This morning I spotted on Twitter that he had been arrested at his 'avocado ranch', where he has a kind of treatment clinic, and charged with 18 counts of practising medicine (at his clinic) without a license, and also charged with theft.

According to the PDF press release (see below) two people went undercover to find out more about his practices and this led to an investigation and his arrest.

There are at least two UK live blood practitioners who've said in their publicity material that they were trained by Robert O Young, wonder if they'll amend that in light of his recent arrest.

He's been arrested before I believe, and managed to get off so possibly he won't be serving the predicted 15 years and 8 months in prison after all. 

If you know anyone who's spent money being treated by 'Dr' Robert O Young then the District Attorney is keen to hear from them - 619) 531-3507.

He refers to himself as Dr Robert O. Young however his doctorate is not equivalent to the qualification of a medical doctor. He has a PhD (which does entitle him to use the Dr prefix) however he received this from Clayton College, the same unaccredited diploma mill from which Gillian McKeith received her PhD. They also gave him a masters degree, a DSc and a 'Doctor of Naturopathy'. Goodness knows why, these do not appear to be 'real' degrees. For comparison you might enjoy Wikipedia's List of Animals with Fraudulent Diplomas.

Further reading
"Prosecutors asked that anyone with information, including possible victims, contact the District Attorney’s Office at (619) 531-3507."


  1. A PhD does entitle one to call himself Dr. and you do not know what your are talking about. You have an aged and it is replete with lies.

    1. I've said he's entitled to call himself Dr, however the degree he has from that particular shop (Clayton College) is unlikely to be of sufficient quality for dealing with patients. I believe the shop has since closed down too.

      I do know what I'm talking about, I researched this post but if you can point to one of these lies I've apparently stated I will cheerfully back it up, address it, amend it or remove it. Can't say fairer than that ;)


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