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Thursday, 6 February 2014

How do you write a date in an email to someone so that it's easy to make it into a calendar entry, with subject?

Edit later that same day:
Well it turns out that the system manages fine - it just takes whatever subject you give the email and uses that as the event name. So that's that one fixed :-) Not sure why I'd not spotted it before, but there we are.

Edit the day later:
On reflection I'd still quite like to know if what I'm after below is possible. I don't know if everyone knows that their email subject will form the name of the event, and it's possible that you might want to title your email one thing and the event another. Don't really think it's possible though.

Email addresses usually show up in received emails as hyperlinks, so that clicking on it opens up a new email message with the To: field set to send to that person. Even if you didn't 'set' the link before sending, most email programmes know what to do with something that looks email-ish.

You can also manually tweak the link so that when the recipient clicks on the link it will open a new email editing window that has both the To: field and the Subject: field already filled. - will launch an email to that address (with whatever you've got set up as a default mail program) even with spaces in - will launch an email to the same person with that subject.

Is it possible to write a time and date (in the body text of an email) so that, on smartphones, I can exploit the calendar programme which tries to turn everything into a new event?

Things like 5pm, 15 March 2008, Exciting event or Exciting event, 5pm, 15 March 2008 don't fully work sadly. See pic below.

Or is there some coding thing I can embed beneath it, conceptually similar to the ?subject= format?

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