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Sunday, 11 October 2015

'The music of David Arnold' w 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus in Lucerne - 23 Oct

Tonight (Sun 11 Oct) you can hear one of David Arnold's film music scores accompanying the James Bond film Casino Royale. He also co-wrote and produced the film's ace opening song - You Know My Name. Here's the beautiful 'City of Lovers' music from the film


Ludwig Wicki is the conductor of the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and the 21st Century Chorus (together, the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, based in Switzerland) and they perform my absolute favourite thing in the world - film music.

I've been lucky enough to see them play - live to picture! (when the orchestra performs the film's score right there in front of you) - the music from Star Trek Into Darkness while the film unfolded on a massive screen above us. And just beforehand they also played the 20th Century Fox studio logo ident intro thingy which was a delightful and unexpected bonus. I am a bit emotional just thinking about it :) Amazing.

Later this month (on Friday 23 October 2015) they will be joining forces with one of my favourite composers, David Arnold, in their home country Switzerland to perform his music from his film scores, in the massive concerthall in Lucern's KKL venue. He's scored five James Bond films, Stargate, Independence Day, Paul (Nick Frost has a new book out by the way) and he might be even more famous for being half of the composering duo for BBC's Sherlock. Not to mention being the Musical Director for the closing ceremonies at the London 2012 Olympics. And he also wrote the feem toon for Little Britain. Plus he's good fun on Twitter too.

The next few concerts peformed by the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra
(and in some cases with the 21st Century Chorus too)

I've not been to Lucerne and I have to say I'm rather tempted. Apart from a lovely evening of music (I've been to a couple of David Arnold's other concerts and everyone agreed they're fantastic) it's got a nice mountain and a vertiginous cogwheel railway (steepest in the world apparently). It's also got a transport museum that for some reason has a chocolate-themed dark ride in it. Dark rides are also one of my favourite things.

It would be fantastic if David, Ludwig and the orchestra / chorus did a live-score version of Stargate or Independence Day at the Royal Albert Hall. Fingers crossed for that! 

The Music of David Arnold
Ludwig Wicki and the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus
half-price tickets | regular-priced tickets, see also ArtProductions website for tickets [concert flyer]
7.30pm, Friday 23 October 2015, KKL Luzern

Lucerne's less than one hour from Zurich by train, more info at Seat61.

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