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Monday, 4 January 2016

An index of the 'how to do stuff' blog posts

I've written over 50 posts which explain how to do something - they are all labelled 'howto'.

To be honest most of them are just to remind me which sequence of key clicks will let me do something I'm currently struggling to do (often on Excel or Word). Some of them are how to do things with Twitter, though many of those go out of date fairly quickly after writing them.

In the list below I've ordered them thematically rather than by date. Even older posts may be of value as I do go back and add in updates.

This is probably the point at which I have to admit to having a separate WordPress blog called 'How to do various techy things' which updates or goes into more depth on some of the stuff below, and some additional stuff too. It's very Twitter heavy at the moment. You can see the curated / thematic index here, or the full sitemap here.

Posts you can find on THIS blog.

Twitter-related posts 
I've no idea how to do the .org thing I'm afraid, never used it


Mac wrangling
If I'm honest, I hate Macs. Love iPhones. Just massively prefer PCs for doing stuff, sorry Mac fans.

Excel spreadsheets

Powerpoint / presentations


Google Drive posts


Posts with me as the intended audience
Doing stuff on websites

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