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Monday, 1 May 2023

What support is there for over 50s economically inactive / underactive to find more work?

The Government has announced that it would like more over 50s, who are able to work*, to come back to the workplace after apparently lots of people took earlyish retirement during the (ongoing) Covid pandemic. I'm not quite in that position (never retired) but since 2018 I've been working two days a week and so have some spare time, and I have no objection to the Government's wish to extract more of my free time as paid labour.

But I think it has to meet me halfway.

I asked at my local Job Centre Plus about their over 50s work champions (or whatever they're called) but it seems that as I don't receive benefits I probably can't use that service anyway.

What I would find useful may not actually exist, but it's this.

As much as possible I'd like to outsource the 'cognitive load' of looking for jobs, tailoring my CV / filling in an application form, tailoring my covering letter and generally applying for jobs, as I have minimal interest in doing any of that. I don't mean that I should simply be given a job, just that I want to go through the annoying part of the process once and be 'sorted' into one or more (temporary) jobs.

I would like to be assigned a job through some sort of labour exchange or employment agency. After going through my CV and interviewing me, and discussing what I'd enjoy / not enjoy doing this employment agency would then work in the background to match me with a job. I'd then get a call saying "Jo, on Wednesday you'll be at WidgetCo's factory making widgets" or whatever it is they find for me to do.

Does this arrangement exist? 

I did upload my CV to what I thought was an employment agency website but that just attracted unsuitable-job spam including regular invitations to work in Dubai. Nope. I also don't use LinkedIn (you'd still have to apply for a job if your attention was drawn to it, they don't just give you jobs - as there's no pre-approval thing that I'm aware of).

*I am not talking about those who are unwell or who have caring responsibilities or already trying to find work.



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