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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Parking a comment here that I tried to add to another person's blog

This is a single-use only post :) It's the text of a blog comment I tried and failed to add to this blog but the verification system was having none of it. I've also noticed that when adding a blog post using Safari I can't create links within text...


Nice concept - I think I should have a bit of a play with this sort of thing myself.

How about a map showing where essential services (pharmacists, shops with late opening times) or advice centres are located, with telephone number, website and opening hours information incorporated. For tourism, how about photos not just of the target destination but of the roads leading in to it, a bit like a stop-motion 'this is what it will look like if you travel from X to Y'.

I'd also like something that is, by design, permanently unfinished so that it is always being updated (perhaps by people uploading geotagged data from mobile phones etc). Is there scope to add audio information ('...and on your left you'll see..') to the location points?

I've enjoyed recording and sharing, via an iPhone app, routes of favourite walks and there's also the opportunity to download others'. The app I use (Geotagging) allows you to take photos en route, keyword tag and geotag them so that they're linked to the points along the journey, and visible to others.

Another nice use of mapping is by the Amazon Conservation Team who've done something that goes by the name "Participatory ethnographic mapping: mapping indigenous lands" creating, jointly with local people, "a "risk" map that identifies areas within the mapped region that either are currently threatened or are at greatest risk of harm from external actors."

Website here or there's a video describing the project here


  1. Safari and Blogger do not get on at all. They've even managed to split the word 'that' in two on my screen. And the links aren't active. Hopeless ;)

  2. Thanks for trying, I wiil indeed copy your considered comment onto our class blog. :-)


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