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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Collecting clinical database information - your help needed :)

What with disappearing [edit: it has since recovered] I'm storing some useful health / medical / drug databases here for now - it was a great resource for taking a bunch of links (up to 30) and giving you a single URL for sharing (each page could be viewed using a small drop-down menu).

Anyway, as I don't come from a library background (I only recently heard of the acronym 'PICO') I may well have missed some of the important databases. But I do work IN a library, so I don't want to miss any really!

Some come from memory, some from Trisha Greenhalgh's 'How to read a paper', and some from suggestions on the CLIN-LIB mailing list at Jiscmail. Some of them I'd not heard of / haven't used.

What have I missed? (I'll remember some myself the minute I press 'publish').

EDIT 20.12.09
Added BMJ Clinical Evidence.
See also Spineless Blog's '10 websites to help you keep up to date with scholarly journal contents' thanks to Zeno001 for highlighting this one.

EDIT 22.06.10
Added Map of Medicine.


  1. It should probably read 'clinical database ETC' as I've expanded the remit during blog post creation.

  2. An excellent list - thanks for compiling it!


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