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Thursday, 31 December 2009

iPhone screenshot or taking a 'photo' of your iPhone screen

I discovered how to do this quite by accident, after playing with all the five buttons on my iPhone and trying them in different permutations.

How to take a screenshot with your iPhone
Press the 'sleep' button and the 'home' button simultaneously (see first photo below) - the screen will 'blink' as if taking a photo (if you have the ringer button set to on it will make a camera sound).

The photo is now in your Camera roll.

See demo photos (second and third photos) at the end of this post.

Why would you want to do this?
I use this A LOT when I'm going to be travelling somewhere and can't guarantee I'll have a good wifi or 3G signal, and I might need to have a local map with me. So I check the map via my home wifi and screenshot it for use later. Clearly I also use this function for demonstration purposes too ;)

Further info
The relevant buttons are marked on this photo which I pinched from Wikimedia then tweaked.

Photo credit: Flickr user lecates (, taken from Wikimedia (

Screenshot of iPhone map showing London Zoo

Close up - keeping this sort of thing in my Camera Roll means I'm less likely to get lost even if there's no signal.


  1. I say 'less likely' but I should admit my propensity for getting lost and comedic lack of spatial / 3D competence. This is an example of me turning my iPhone into a kind of assistive technology ;)

  2. Fantastic! I never knew that...

  3. I've also used it to photomessage Email settings
    information to a friend so they knew how to set up their email - far easier than typing the stuff out in a fresh text.


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