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Monday, 7 March 2011

How to copy and paste using iPhone 3

Last week I read an article and one of the commenters happened to say "Maybe the iPhone will finally get copy and paste!" - but it already does and anyone who's ever read any of my blog posts will know how much I love writing technical instructions, so here are some ;)

Copying an URL to send to someone else, eg from a Tweet - three methods
1. Tapping the URL sharply, or even lightly pressing it would just open it, you need to press and hold on the URL for about two seconds - a menu will appear with the URL in it saying Open, Copy or Cancel - Copy's the one you want here. You can use this to find out what an URL actually is, as a sort of taskbar proxy (I hardly ever click on an URL on my laptop without hovering over it first to see where it's going). This technique does not expand shortened URLs though.

2. Press and hold anywhere on the screen that isn't the URL, for about two seconds, then let go - a selection tool will appear allowing you to select the text within two blue bars. When you've moved the bars to what you want to pick click the Copy link button that's by now already on the screen. This is the generic way to copy any text on your iPhone.

3. I think most Twitter clients for iPhone have the facility where you can email a Tweet. You don't have to actually email it of course, it just opens a new email with the content of the tweet and your URL of interest within it and it's a bit easier to clip it out neatly than using the method in 1.

Also, bonus tip. If you touch the top of your screen you're immediately pinged back to the top of the page with a superfast scroll.

And pressing the two main buttons (one at the front plus one at the top) together takes a screenshot which is then stored in your camera roll.

I expect everyone has iPhone 4s now but I was so surprised that someone hadn't found the copy and paste function I thought I'd mention it in case others hadn't too.

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