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Monday, 5 December 2011

How do you know if you're in danger of being sued?

Following on from the recent Burzynski stuff, had I actually received* the emails that @lecanardnoir and @rhysmorgan have had recently I'd have initially been a bit anxious.

Probably after a while I'd have noticed the language wasn't quite right and that some things didn't add up but I suspect my first reaction would have been rising panic. I startle easy ;)
  • What to do? How do you know if someone sending you these emails is a credible threat and how should you respond (both in any actions you take and in your reply)?
  • Can anyone make a citizen's 'cease and desist' or must it come from a competent lawyer? Not everyone is allowed to prescribe medicine, for example.
  • Even if it's clear that the email is not from a lawyer what should you do?
  • Is there a defined procedure in place? For example can someone just sue me anyway or must they first tell me what they don't like and give me an opportunity to make amends?
  • Is there some 'guidance for dummies and skeptics'?
*well I might have done had Marc spelled my email address correctly!

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