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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Quora questions I've answered about Twitter and hashtags

I've joined Quora and have been answering questions. Others have answered them too and I've learned of new tools from these people.

When I stopped working as a scientist my first job in the world of science communication was ScienceLine/ ScienceNet where I got to find out answers to stuff and tell people about science. Awesome. This also features heavily in one of my current jobs too...

Quora lets me answer questions and read others' answers on train journeys and things and I can see why someone (probably an employee of Quora, but I still agree with them) has described it as the crack cocaine of the internet. I'm sure other things have also been described like that.

Anyway, as you may have picked up, I'm pretty interested in tools used to capture tweets. Increasingly this is because Twitter appears to be actively trying to stop me from doing this (it changed its terms of conditions earlier this year and lots of useful tools suddenly stopped working). Instead of just trying to capture stuff I'm also trying to get around this annoyance and generally find ways of thwarting Twitter.

Here are the questions relating to Twitter and hashtags to which I've contributed, with a very brief description of my stance on the topic. I've contributed to other questions too but these are just the Twittery ones.

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