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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Testing out the Bettween widget for Twitter conversations

This is a tool I've just heard about via a retweet of @latentexistence's tweet by @living_as_if, called Bettween.

It tracks a conversation between two people (a bit like the threading functionality that Echofon has on iPhone, which is rather good and can stretch back quite a few tweets. Also, if you click on a really old tweet it can pick up the tweet to which the person was replying [assuming the account is still active]) and you can apparently embed this in blogs.

From the little 'how to' video it looked as if this might be a thing which is 'live' and refreshes itself as new tweets come in. If so it won't be any use for me (my interest is largely in fossilising tweets. But I shall have to look back in a few months and see what it says.

It does say "Tweets from all time" in the widget below so possibly the tweets will persist - in which case I'll have to test this out by deleting one of the tweets I've sent. Tools like Storify and Chirpstory will trap a tweet properly once it's been recorded and if the original is deleted it won't disappear from the Sfy / Chy archive you've created.

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