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Monday, 30 January 2012

Is there a place for people to plonk their questionnaires for crowdsourced answers and improvements?

People (inc students) are forever creating surveys and questionnaires and sending them round to people to fill in aren't they?

Is there a wiki / db where they, or anyone, can add / upload & tag their survey or questionnaire and people who like doing surveys can fill them in (eg after searching for all surveys that ask questions about kitchen appliances for example, or attitudes to healthcare somethings or other)? Ideally site visitors would be able to comment on the surveys as well as fill them in (let's face it some of them are awful and a bit of kindly phrased constructive feedback might be appreciated).

I don't mean SurveyMonkey, which is obviously a database of questionnaires and surveys, because that doesn't appear to allow someone to 'browse all surveys about X'. I'm thinking of something quite hierarchical in terms of site navigation with sections on health, transport, local government etc. Anyone can add a survey, others can comment on it and / or fill it in.

It might look like I'm suggesting the equivalent of the clinical trials register database but not quite. Some surveys will always be conducted by PR companies and pimped unthinkingly to newspapers - I expect they will select people to survey, or assume a degree of pre-selection depending on who is reading that paper and clicks on the link. For my imaginary database though I'm thinking much more of undergraduate type questionnaires. Of course some students will only want to share their questionnaire with a limited group (eg people with a degree in chemistry or who have a sibling with a particular condition) in which case they won't want to use my mythical database of course.

Does such a thing exist already?

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