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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Post for me to remember to tell people who've asked me to tell them stuff #aidememoire

Every now and again I ask a question on Twitter and someone says "I don't know but let me know if you find out". This is my attempt to make sure I do that. I'll just update this whenever someone asks me to update them.

31 January 2012
@Frontera2 would like to know, as would I, what that programme was (in the last couple of years) that was looking at the signage (design of) at Heathrow Airport. I have a strong memory of seeing it but a dim memory of actually remembering what the programme was called.
Because it's a TV programme it might not be on imdb although it's always worth a look I suppose, but the first place I went to was the ftvdb - film and tv database at the bfi and I found this: The Secret Life of the Airport. It's definitely a possible, and it turns out that it was broadcast on BBC4 as part of their quirky 'Secret Life of...'. These programmes usually have rather good background music and I tend to enjoy them (they did the one on the Secret Life of the National Grid too).

Until proven otherwise (ie watching a definitive clip on YouTube to confirm / disconfirm) I'm going with this, more on the programme here.

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