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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

...but which one will let me position the picture where I want it in Word?

In my quest to make some sticky labels (for work purposes, doing some public engagement work and thought the kids might like stickers) I have learned about the limits of my nerd skills. Clearly Word is not the best tool for this but it's the one I use most frequently so know my way around. Quite possibly I could have done it in PowerPoint although Word has these handy-ish gridlines and I don't think PP's are anywhere near as good.

The picture editing tools above offer options for positioning an image on the screen, but generally they are in relation to text. Not too surprising as Word is more interested in text than images. But if you just have an image to go into 65 slots on page (repeating image so all stickers are identical), and you want the image to sit neatly within the sticker slot and not lurch too far to one side - which would you use?

I think I've tried them all but I'm curious as to which one will let me move the image with the most fine-grained movements - ie which will offer the least resistance and let me take charge of the positioning. Pretend I'm a surgeon trying to avoid accidentally cutting something important and I want to be able to move the picture a little bit thataway and down a bit rather than unending fights.

The up / down / left / right arrow keys were equally treacherous today. Every time I pressed the down arrow (innocently thinking it might move the image down a notch) it moved the image down AND to the left, but it did this inconsistently. Maddening.

I went with 'Through' in the end but I'm not sure how it differs from the others (although I usually avoid square I think).

Where's the guide to trouble-free image positioning / label making?
<-- start at 10 mins :)

  • Ryman P65 labels (25 sheets of 65 labels, 1,625 labels), about £6-7 per pack depending on offers.
  • Free template for P65 labels
  • Time
  • Patience
  • Patient colleagues who don't mind you swearing and getting a bit huffy. 
Edit: 2 February 2012
Eventually I gave up with the free templates business and learned how to make label templates in Word. It's still fiddly but I managed it. And I was greatly helped in my task by these two websites, and the picture below which showed me what 'vertical pitch' and so forth actually mean. These figures work reasonably well for P65 labels but further tweaking of the image is still needed - I am just not very good at this sort of thing I'm afraid.

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