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Thursday, 16 February 2012

This blog's most popular posts

Thought some might find this interesting. Since I don't know how many hits others get on their blogs I've no idea whether I'm showing off or opening myself to pitying ridicule, I hope neither. It's a continuum ;)

The 'How to find old tweets' post mentioned below is no longer updated and has been superseded by 'A list of tools for finding or capturing tweets' however the old one is what comes up in Google searches a lot and since it links to the later one I'm not planning on deleting it. The 'How to copy and paste using iPhone 3' post was surprisingly popular (well... it's all relative I suppose!), it's another one that just gets picked up from Google.

Edit 7 May 2012 - I've started getting a lot of searches relating to my post on movie studios logos quiz but I suspect this is actually related to a new iPhone app where you can guess the logo.

The second, third, fourth and fifth are the ones I've actively promoted via Twitter but Google does a better job of promoting the first one than I can do promoting its replacement (the fourth one).

Note: these are pageviews, not individual people.

It's odd because quite a few of my posts over on my Posterous blog have several thousand hits - even for posts that aren't particularly thrilling. Hits appear to accrue very randomly on Posterous posts. Possibly as a function of how old the post is, but that doesn't explain the whole thing.

First is the picture, second is the copy / paste of the text so that the URLs work.

Screenshot of what I see when I visit my Blogger Dashboard overview.

5 Jun 2010, 3 comments
10,184 Pageviews

24 Oct 2010, 7 comments
9,016 Pageviews

24 Jul 2009, 8 comments
8,627 Pageviews

30 May 2011, 5 comments
4,943 Pageviews

11 Apr 2010, 4 comments
4,145 Pageviews

16 Jul 2009
1,379 Pageviews

21 Dec 2011, 8 comments
1,241 Pageviews

7 Mar 2011
1,228 Pageviews

9 Mar 2010, 2 comments

Update Christmas Day 2012

773 Pageviews


5 Jun 2010, 3 comments



24 Oct 2010, 7 comments

11 Apr 2010, 4 comments

14 Jan 2012, 15 comments




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