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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nuratrim on the naughty step for failing to provide evidence for their weight loss supplements

Nuropharm Limited, trading as Nuratrim ( have been asked repeatedly by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to remove from their website " that Nutratrim is scientifically proven to assist weight loss, burn fat, reduce cholesterol, increase metabolism and reduce appetite."

They didn't do this so the ASA has added the company to its list of non-compliant online advertisers on 27 July 2012 and I happened to notice it today. 

Although I've never reported to the ASA either the parent company or any of the affiliates that sell this product I've written a couple of blog posts on the Nuratrim weight loss supplement pills already, one of which yielded this rather snide comment but if you swap 'try eating less cake' for 'stop eating into my profit margins' I think that might clarify things somewhat ;) 

Further reading
This is a long blog post, added to over several months as new information became available - it's rather detailed.

Nuropharm Ltd appear to be the makers of the product but according to the Nuratrim website Advanced Health provide or support the online payment system. As do Newstel - I'm a bit confused.

Slendex claims revision (August 2012) 
Affiliate marketers have been contacted by the ASA and asked to amend their claims for this product, so no idea why the parent company of a different product (sold by the same affiliates) can't manage it.

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  1. MedicalWeightLossClinic says "I think natural diet is better than supplements for weight loss because many medical supplements have side effects which effect our health badly so, I recommend to use a good, health and fresh diet for your perfect weight loss" which I'd agree with. Unfortunately I couldn't post their comment as their name linked to a weight loss clinic in the US and I'm not taking any chances.


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