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Monday, 15 October 2012

Wegohealth and other spammers

Having a public blog and email address means I occasionally get spam coming through. I'm a bit miffed with WEGO Heath or whatever they're called who've presumably scraped my email from somewhere and send me unwanted invites to attend various things suitable for health activists or bloggers, despite me being in the UK.

After the first email I asked them to stop, after the second I asked again a bit more miffedly (and they promised faithfully to stop sending me stuff too), this is the third spam so I've decided to blog in case others are receiving these emails and wonder about them. Probably the simplest thing is to set up a filter to automatically delete stuff from them. Bit annoying though.

I've also discussed this with them on Twitter so it's particularly annoying to have to revisit this - they asked me what they could do to appear less spammy. My problem with the first email was that it didn't introduce them to me, we started at Level Two with an invite to blog some event or whatever but I need the Level One 'Hello this is why we've started sending you emails', I assume others like this too. So possibly they're not spam, just not very good at engaging with bloggers. Grrr.

Or possibly I am just a bit quick to anger, I do get a bit stroppy with unwanted emails - I'd be the first to admit it.


Edit 14 December 2012

I still appear to be subscribed... albeit via a different (academic) email address that I didn't use to sign up to any of their mailing lists. I give up and will see what JISC/ Janet can do, if anything.

Announcing the 2012 Health Activist Awards!
We're excited to share the 2012 WEGO Health Activist Awards Program. This year, we've extended the nominations period and added some exciting new award categories.  Now's your chance to recognize someone who has inspired you, helped you, or even changed your life this year - be sure to recognize all of your health heroes before the nomination period closes on December 31st!
Click to nominate a health activist [link redacted]
Not sure who to nominate but want to stay up to date on all the latest Health Activist Awards Information & News? Join the WEGO Health Network at or sign up to be on our Judging Panels!  
Thanks for participating in the WEGO Health Activist Awards - and for helping us to empower those who make a difference every day.
[also redacted]

This email has been sent to: [redacted]
WEGO Health | 180 Lincoln St, Fifth Floor | Boston, MA 02111
To opt out of future WEGO Health mailings, please [redacted]


  1. Hi @JoBrodie,

    I saw your post this morning and wanted to make sure to reach out and apologize. It's no excuse but we've had a technical bug that has resulted in you not being opted out. We've got our technical department looking into it but again, I'm very sorry for the trouble and I know how annoying it must be - it's not being done purposefully or maliciously!

    I also wanted to let you know that our network is open to Health Activists in the UK and other countries, which is why we reached out in the first place. That said, an opt out is an opt out and you should not still be receiving emails from us!

    Susan M

  2. Jo, I am an American blogger, a cancer survivor and a healthcare clinician (physiotherapist). I blog about mostly breast cancer. About the same time you started getting spammed, so did I, along with dozens of others. I ignored all their emails until I received one telling me my blog had been nominated for an award. The 'endorsement' process & nomination process ended up being just another spam vehicle, really. But other issues lurked behind their 'health activist' cloak & I wanted to look into them. Long story short, here's my blog post on it all:

    BTW, love 'Geeky creative things in London.'


  3. Guess what - it is still an issue - I am still being spammed by them!


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