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Thursday, 4 October 2012

The liability statement in "What Doctors Don't Tell You" is kinda fun #wddty

"While every care is taken in preparing this material, the publishers cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or harm caused by any treatment, advice or information contained in this publication. You should consult a qualified practitioner before undertaking any treatment." Source: What Doctors Don't Tell You, October 2012, p3 (bottom left, blue panel)
This seems like a perfectly sensible liability statement / disclaimer. It just made me chuckle given their seeming mistrust of the medical profession.

I wonder why they've hidden the statement at the bottom left of a panel in which they've put all the editorial information... rather than placing this somewhere more prominent. Probably every magazine does this but since they're keen to give people good health  advice you think they'd want readers to see that warning.

Sensible person takes photo... :-)

The picture has stopped showing up but can be seen in the link below - don't seem to be able to get an embed code for this link though, so can't embed it here.

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