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Sunday 30 September 2012

Handy Twitter RSS feeds to bypass IFTTT Twitter trigger switchoff

Edit: 12 June 2013 - Twitter has now killed off all RSS feeds as far as I can tell.

Below are examples of the RSS versions of Twitter feeds which should work as an IFTTT trigger. It's no longer possible to use Twitter feeds directly, but from what I hear the RSS version of the Twitter feed works fine

You don't have to use IFTTT if you just want to save a bunch of tweets though - @bitoclass subscribes to the RSS feed of his own tweets using the Opera browser to store them. I've tried this out for my own favourites (using the 'Opera mail' option) and it seems to work fine, and it doesn't delete them once you've read them.

Because the RSS feeds are also web addresses (URLs) you can open them straight into a browser although they behave differently, for example I couldn't get them to open in Chrome - it wanted to download an RSS reader.

Replace the username or search term(s) with your own.
  1. User:
  2. Mentions: 
  3. Favourites:
  4. Search: (%20 acts as 'space')
  5. Hashtag search:  (%23 acts as '#')
Twitter's actually switching off support for RSS feeds in March 2012 so this won't be a long-term solution. Hopefully someone will think of a fix before then!

There used to be an RSS feed icon on every page but Twitter removed those a year ago, however the RSS addresses (URLs) still worked, and versions of them work now.

Some example IFTTT recipes that can be customised, all use RSS feeds as the trigger
- note that I've not used or tested any of these

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  1. Twitter killed off RSS feeds a few weeks back when it retired v1 of the API. I ended up writing my own set of scripts that filled this gap by providing RSS feeds. It is called Twools. You run it on your website and it gives you various RSS feeds of your Twitter data with powerful data. You can then use with a service like IFTTT.

    I've written more about it here, if you are interested....

    1. Thanks, I shall add this info to my latest post to keep it all in one place

    2. Sorry, only just seen your reply. Thanks for adding this to your article. Glad I am not the only one who missed RSS feeds from Twitter. Really glad we can get them back now!



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