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Sunday, 2 September 2012

[Free] Me, on Mondays - can I help your medical research charity?

Edit: 17 May 2013

Originally written in September 2012, but activated again as I have more Mondays free!
For the foreseeable future I have Mondays free as I work a four day week. But I rather miss being part of the medical research charity world and while I might like to take up paid employment in that world again at some point, at the moment I'm thinking more in terms of something voluntary.

Basically, if you're from a medical research charity in London and think that I might be able to help you or just bounce ideas around please get in touch. Just on Mondays though ;)

It's free, you don't have to pay me - I already have a job from Tue - Friday.

My areas of particular interest and reasonable competence are:

Science / health / medical communications
For example the ways in which charities talk / write about the research that they fund, but also they way they comment on health stories in the news and how they write information leaflets for people or carers.

Social media, mostly Twitter (not so much Facebook)
I've been using Twitter for four years and have dipped my toes in most of the online tools. However I've never used these to engage with large groups of people, or for fundraising purposes. But I have some ideas about how they can be used well.

Also I'm pretty good with computers in general, although I'm not sure how much use that would be.

Over the years a fair few people from other charities, and elsewhere, have got in touch for advice, info or feedback from me and I enjoy sharing ideas, and also hearing about how others do things.

Edit: 4 September 2012
Can't believe I forgot that. I'm really quite good at finding data from a variety of sources and created this Diabetes Statistics site for myself and a couple of colleagues. In terms of mathematical wrangling and p-values... not that sort of statistics.

Edit: 14 May 2013
I've got a few more Mondays free for the foreseeable, except first week of June. I also like teaching people how to use computers / intranets and I'm really good at keyboard shortcuts :)

The deal
  • You need to be registered with the Charity Commission and support people with a health condition and their carers. You don't have to fund medical research but those are my favourites.
  • Probably best to email or tweet me first (see top bit of this blog) to see if I can actually be of any use - you might have very specific needs that I simply can't help with so best to check first and save time.
  • Only on Mondays - and never before 10am ;) Needs to be in London obviously, although Skype's a possibility I suppose .
  • It's free, and I already have a travelcard so don't need expenses, or lunch for that matter - tea always welcome though.
  • If something interesting crops up I might blog about it but will run it past you of course!

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