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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

More Word glitches solved - troublesome HYPERLINKs and apostrophes

Sporadically (usually after a Windows update I think) my work computer's version of Word starts to look like this, with embedded URLs showing up with the format { HYPERLINK "http://www. " }


Screenshot of shouty hyperlinks


Screenshot of normal embedded hyperlinks

In a few weeks or months it will probably do it again and I'll google the solution. It's Alt+F9.

Information found from (switch your sound off, the website has an annoying autoplay advert but the info works) - apparently I'm toggling field code shortcuts.

I suppose this way of acknowledging a hyperlink is just a more overt equivalent of hovering over the link so that the URL pops up, as it does on the web.

For some reason this doesn't appear to work on my version of Word anymore and if I want to see what the URL is I have to pretend to edit it (right click, edit hyperlink). One day I'll add that to my solved glitches too but the workaround works fine I suppose.

Bonus solved annoyance
Shortly after I fixed that I found that apostrophes were playing up. I tried to type "you've" but it ended up as "you' ve" with a single enlarged space between the apostrophe and the letter V. Googling brought up a forum post in which several answers were offered (I found selecting all the text and changing the font was the one that worked for me). The solution was to be found here

I've written before on the odd characters that Google adds to the address after you've done your search.[deleted]AfHjoCoDQ&ved=0C[deleted]AQ&q=Word+gap+after+apostrophe&spell=1&biw=1307&bih=7[deleted]3

This is the one that you'd share with someone else (unless you just said "search for... on Google"). It's not particularly human readable (at least not Jo-readable) so I don't know what it means - I've deleted random bits of it so it won't actually work as a live address.

Given that the amended version below works perfectly well I don't see why all these extra characters should get to be involved.

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