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Thursday, 13 September 2012

On Flickr I'd like to be able to select 'show this photo' v 'keep in reserve'

I've lots of holiday photos from my trip to Orkney that I'm uploading Flickr. Some are passable, plenty are probably just for completists only ;) I tend to take an 'upload them all and sort them out later approach', especially when on sporadic wifi (the iPhone Flickr app is *really* good at uploading stuff I've noticed).

Some of the ones that are neither good nor bad are perhaps still of some interest if they're of some obscure bit of technology (I've taken a lot from the Orkney Wireless Museum for example), or provide some detail missing in one of the others - but I'd like to 'hide' them from the main 'set' or mosaic of pictures while still making them available.

So I don't want to make them private, or delete them - I want them there, but available to anyone that wants to see them.

I'd like to be able to pick out eight of the best and say 'show these 8, but don't "promote" these 14'. Whoever might like to look at my photos might see the selected 8 and be more than satisfied with those but anyone who's thinking about going to the museum or interested in grainy shots of old tech might like to see more.

There are many options available at every conceivable level of granularity (ie you can do something to one photo, to a group of photos [set] or a [collection] of sets) ... except, as far as I can see, this one.

Basically I want to fling all my photos into the vat and pick out a few to pin to the wall above it leaving others to rummage in the vat if they want. Is that possible?

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  1. Person that I'm not sure if they're a spammer asks: "Do you generally pay much attention to optimizing your posts for search engines?"

    I don't pay a great deal of attention no, but sometimes I add a tag here or there that might help, but it's kind of second nature.


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