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Monday, 29 October 2012

What's a good way to 'bookmark' blogs, Google reader? Blog roll?

Asking for a friend :)

I have a blog roll on my blog - it's a pretty random affair where I've clicked on things I want to watch later, several of which have since stopped updating. Generally I'm following people on Twitter who sensibly pimp their posts several times so I rarely miss too much, and don't feel that I'm behind with my blogpost reading.

But my friend is new to the ways of bookmarking blogs and because I've only used blogrolls or Google reader (RSS feeds) I don't really know of other methods and wondered what everyone else recommends?

She's not too keen on just bookmarking them because that doesn't flag "hey there's a new post on THIS blog" to you, so that's no good. So what are you doing to get updates on your favourite blogs?

Thanks :)


  1. Most blog services provide a straightforward email sign-up.

  2. Chad says "Please add my new dofollow social bookmarking site in your Great list" - no, that might just be the spammiest thing I've ever seen, and I've seen some spam ;)


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