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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Is there a 'consultation watch' kind of website?

When scrolling through tweets I often favourite for later ones highlighting a petition I might want to sign or a consultation that I might want to comment on - here are a couple of examples of recent tweets that I posted myself. The first came from the ABPI's mailing list which I'm on, the second was flagged up to me on Twitter.
At some point I wondered if there is such a thing as a Consultations Watch (and perhaps a Petition Watch) that lets me see what's coming up that I might want to contribute to, and I tweeted this.
Clearly it would be a pretty large unwieldy sort of database and I've no idea how you could go about creating such a thing. It would have to account for great big NICE consultations on some new treatment or other intervention and the two consultations linked above, as well as local consultations (eg Lewisham Hospital's A&E for example).  Organisable by date (closing in the next two days, say) and theme (health, politics etc).

Does one already exist? If not, what sort of tools would help create it? Is there much call for it? I don't feel that I've not heard about any consultations that I'd 'need' to hear about, but difficult to tell cos if I've not heard of them I can't know that I've missed them ;)

Edit 8 January 2014
Thanks to a tweet from @bitoclass I have discovered that Transport for London (TfL) has a page of transport-related consultations here

The wonderful (to me, others not keen) newish GOV.UK portal showed me this for local consultations

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