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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Jonathan Glazer makes amazing adverts

I was just looking at Film4's list of 30 Films for 30p which they're making available each day for people to rent in celebration of reaching their 30 year milestone (congrats!).

One of the films is Sexy Beast directed by Jonathan Glazer which I'm looking forward to renting on 25 November. But apart from his other film (the massively underrated Birth, 2004) he's possibly slightly more known to me for his work in adverts, which are amazing and likely to be very familiar to anyone reading this.

Here are some favourites.

VW Polo - Protection, featuring the Faure requiem

Guiness Surfer

Stella Artois - Ice skating priests

There's a much better resolution version available here but I didn't know how to embed it.

Here's the opening sequence to his film Birth, gorgeously shot and with music from Alexandre Desplat - it's a beautiful opening. Jad Abumrad of my favourite radio show (Radiolab) is also rather taken with it.

More info at

Edit 29 Nov 2017
OK, not entirely sure about this one, though it certainly is spectacular ;)

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