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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Science (communication) film festivals - that seems like a good idea - any in London?

Earlier this evening I was (a) wondering if there were any science communication film festivals in London and (b) coincidentally enchanted by a film-related image seen on the Prince Charles Cinema's website which turns out to be this one...

Projector Lens

...which led me to this blog post "Which would you rather attend: a speech or a movie?" (where the image is also used) which has some interesting points in there about the excitement of drama and conflict in films that is largely absent from polite conferencing. It did strengthen my resolve a bit though, to find out more about science communication film festivals (well, science film festivals as film is already a communication tool).

Here's what I found from Google and, to provide a bit of science film and music backdrop here's Armenian film-maker Artavazd Peleshyan's film "Our Century" which I enjoyed seeing recently at a science / film event at the Cinema Museum. I've made it little so that you can just listen to the music as you visit the other pages (right click, new tab for PC users or command click for Mac users). There's a much larger version of the video at the end.

SCINEMA 2008 Festival of Science Film (Australia) - reference discovered on New Zealand's The Centre for Science Communication pages, which include an MSc course that is strongly film-based.

Scinema 2012 whose logo is to the left (I hope they don't mind me pinching it cos it's cool but if they do I shall remove it). As above the Festival of Science Film is based in Australia, from the CSIRO people.

Pariscience - International Science Film Festival (4-9 October 2012)

Imagine Science Films  
Imagine Science Film Festival - mentioned on Graham Paterson's site and the event site is here. It seems that the 2012 festival will be held, from 8-16 November, in New York and there was a version held at University College, Dublin in July 2012.  Barry Gibb of the Wellcome Trust attended the Dublin festival and blogged about it here.

Science Film Festival in Vienna - it appears to have been held in September 2012.

Khmer Science Film Festival - appears to have been a one-off (well, two-off) held in Phnom Pen in 2009 and 2010.

Beneath the Waves Film Festival - it's about under-sea matters and the 2012 festival was held in Norfolk, Virginia.

Nothing in London, as far as I can see... although there are a couple of science fiction festivals happening here. Anyone know about any science festivals happening in London though?

While not a science film festival the Macro / Micro event recently at the Cinema Museum on 26 September was excellent, more at the organiser's website:

Full-size version of the Peleshyan video:

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