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Monday, 31 December 2012

Films in which radiators appear as a source of menace or mild peril

I keep noticing, or remembering bits in films, in which domestic radiators or large boilers / heaters in utility rooms are a bit menacing.

There doesn't appear to be a category for this on TV Tropes though, so I thought I'd collect some myself. Maybe it's just too obvious in that everyone remembers being a bit scared of something that seemed alive or capable of switching itself on and off when it feels like it.

Buddy telephones his dad at work complaining that something is making a terrible noise - it turns out to be a normal wall-mounted radiator.

That whole thing with the lady in the radiator is a bit odd...

and she sings a song...

Home Alone

In the basement there's a very large scary radiator thing, 20sec in, in the trailer below.

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