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Monday, 3 December 2012

In support of Lewisham A&E

I fell through a stepladder a few years ago and lacerated (their word) my leg. My flatmate called for an ambulance and off I went to Lewisham A&E for stitches and a tetanus shot.

Despite excellent care the wound didn't quite heal properly and I ended up having to have 'surgical debridement' where they cut back the bits that don't heal1 to a 'bleeding wound bed' after which 'regranulation' can occur. Thanks to the surgeon, Mr Sweeney (not a name you forget), anaesthetists2, nurses, cleaners and people who made me some toast... I and my leg made a full recovery over a couple of months (it was quite a big wound). I now look like I've had a rather triangular chunk taken out of my leg by a very neat shark.

It was a ridiculously hot summer (2003) and while it was all healing I managed to scratch the area just next to the large square plaster. The spreading red marks concerned me as I'd been warned to watch out for cellulitis and I took myself back to Lewisham A&E wondering if I was going to sound like a hypochondriac for saying at reception "I think I might have cellulitis". They didn't mess about and I got some antibiotics (amoxicillin and flucloxacillin3 and the suspected death mites cleared up in a few days.

So I'd be pretty sad if Lewisham A&E wasn't there, and from what I can gather, so would an awful lot of other local people. There are some things that people can read, sign or comment on in the links above.

It's not just Lewisham A&E, their maternity services are under threat too. More at Londonist.

Mind you, if they do have to close Lewisham A&E they might also want to do something about that massive gap between the platform and the trains at Lewisham railway station - I can't help thinking that probably results in the creation of a fair few patients.

Little superscripty footnotes
1. looking back, kinda gangrenous
2. who answered every question I asked about anaesthesia. I had that propofol in the back of my hand
3. I've never been able to pronounce that, although I can manage Eyjafjallajökull no bother thanks to the BBC's pronunciation guide.

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