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Saturday, 8 December 2012

What's the deal with frame rates?

Whenever I watched my parents' television when younger I was often struck by the differences in appearance among films, sitcoms and adverts. I've never really been able to put into words what it is about the difference that I've noticed though, other than that films seem somehow more distant than sitcoms.

I just assumed it was to do with the quality of the type of film used to record in the first place, and nothing to do with our standard CRT television.

When the magnet went on the TV (and we didn't know about the YouTube videos showing you how to fix it) my dad got a new one - it's a flat screen digital affair.

Personally I'm not a fan (I still use a CRT myself) and find that there are artefacts on these modern new-fangled televisions that distract me. Worse, old episodes of Midsomer Murders look... a bit modern, I don't quite understand why they look so different.

I'm not sure if the more modern television is able to show the programmes as they were originally intended, and the earlier television wasn't, whereas more expensive (presumably) motion picture film already overcame the weaknesses of the television... does that sound plausible?

Very much looking forward to seeing the new Hobbit film but the thing I'm really intrigued about is to see how the two frame rates compare, I will probably go and see it in all the formats that I can find, just to check ;)

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