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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

How to grab the RSS feed from a Blogger tag

How to get an update whenever a new post on Blogger is tagged with a keyword of interest

Blogger calls tags on posts 'labels' for some reason, though it doesn't appear to have cottoned on for the need for categories as well (or I've not found out how to do that).

The labels for this post are howto (as in 'how to' do something), RSS and tags and can be seen below.

If you were interested in getting an RSS feed that would let you keep an eye only on the posts on this blog that included 'how to' instructions for something, the link you'd want would be:

Generic version
- put the relevant blog name in the bit in bold and change the labelname bit to the tag / label of your choice.

You can add this feed URL to any RSS reader that you use (for automatic updating purposes) or just bookmark it and view it periodically in a web browser (no use for automatic updating of course but it still gives you the information).

This useful tip came from a Google search resulting in

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