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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mini social media icons - feel free to use

A while back I realised I wanted some small icons to use on our chi+med pages - we have a big list of upcoming and previous conferences and I thought people might be interested in knowing what the official Twitter account might be, or the hashtag was. More fun (for me!) to annotate these with colourful pictures so that's what I've made. I've recently started collecting some of the hashtagged tweets via Storify and the ones I've done so far are here.

Some of the icons were created from scratch or from a cropped screenshot of the native logo (in its place, on the relevant page) and then miniaturised for our pages. I did this by copying and pasting the screenshot into Paint (PC), removed extraneous material and then pasted the cropped image into Powerpoint where I resized it, then right-click, save as image (.png files). They scale perfectly well on mobile devices although if really enlarged they don't look particularly good, but they serve my purposes well.

I'm not sure of the copyright for these - clearly I don't own any of the images other than the hashtag and document ('proceedings') ones which were created from scratch. So I hope you don't get into trouble if you use the other ones, in much the same way I hope I don't either ;)

The link for each is given individually below and this is the zipped file of all of them.

1 Twitter
2 Hashtag
3 Storify
4 Facebook
5 LinkedIn
6 Google+
7 Document icon
8 Envelope / mailing list icon

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