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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Mildly diverting subtitle glitch on my television - also mildly amusing

While my hearing's fine I like subtitles for two reasons - I often find that I get more info about what's going on if I have them on including names and places and how things are spelled and, on adverts and some television programmes they tell you what the music is and subtitle the lyrics too.

I've noticed on a few occasions that the subtitles are for a completely a different programme... here are a couple of examples which made me laugh.

Why do the subtitles get decoupled from the programme though - what's going on? Will the wrong subtitles come from the same channel type (eg would I only get BBC subtitles for a BBC programme and ITV subtitles for an ITV channel?) or is it anything to do with which channel multiplex the two programmes are on, or something else?
Owly Images

Owly Images 

Comedy giraffes - mis-subtitled BBC David Attenborough programme from jobrodie on Vimeo.

David Attenborough's Africa featuring giraffes that are seemingly participating in a very different programme. It's me trying not to giggle in the background.

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