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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

London: free showing of 'His Last Vow' plus 1 day symposium on all things #Sherlock

Hooray for algorithms. Eventbrite randomly suggested this free one-day symposium at UCL on Friday 11 April which includes several talks on all sorts of aspects of Sherlock Holmes with quite a big focus on the recent BBC series but also a lunchtime screening of 'His Last Vow'. Not bad.

Also, if you like the music from the show both the composers have events coming up at which some of the music might be played.

New Directions in Sherlock
FREE - register on Eventbrite for tickets
@SHolmesPastPres on Twitter
Friday 11 April 2014

Wilkins Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre
Gower Street
How to find the Gustave Tuck LT  in the Wilkins Building.

Note - this is a draft programme and may be subject to changes.

SESSION 1 (RG06/RG08) - numbers in bracket refer to room numbers

Panel 1: Filmic Sherlock
Chair: Carrie Chandler (UEA) 
  • ‘Sherlock: A Case Study in Excellent Screenwriting,’ Bonnie MacBird (Independent)
  • ‘Sherlock, Speed Detection, and Post Television Audiences,’ Palle Schantz Lauridsen (Copenhagen) and Asta Schantz Koch (Liverpool)
  • ‘Ethics, Morality and Superiority: Are House M.D and Sherlock Holmes Equivalent Moral Heroes?’ Kate Brombley (Portsmouth)

Panel 2: Sherlock on the Road
Chair: Andrea Williams (KCL)
  • ‘A Study in ‘Setlock’: Fans, Filming, and Sherlock,’ Emily Garside (Cardiff)
  • ‘Welcome to London’: In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes,’ Anne Chai Buchmann (Newcastle)
  • ‘”Try Finding Sherlock in London”: Location and Tradition in the BBC Sherlock Series,’ Richard Burnip (Independent)


Panel 3: Narrative, Adaptation, and Theory
Chair: Valerie Schreiner (Independent)
  • ‘“All that Matters Is the WORK”: A Barthesian Approach to Adaptation and Appropriation in BBC Sherlock,’ Ann McClellan (Plymouth State University)
  • ‘Mobile Sherlock: Transformations and Continuities in Recent Media Adaptations,’ Jana Nittel (Bremen)
  • ‘Counsel for the Prosecution: The Adversarial Team of Watson and Holmes,’ Jen Nicholson (Oxford)

Panel 4: Ambivalence and Complexity
Chair: Emily Garside (Cardiff)
  • ‘Life Examined and Lived Meaningfully: Endings Open to Beginnings in Sherlock,’ Lynn Duffy (Independent)
  • ‘Re-imagining Moriarty,’ Rakshita (Raks) Patel (Independent)
  • ‘A Study in Parallels: BBC Sherlock and Medieval Quest Narrative,’ Andrea Williams (KCL)

LUNCH [own arrangements] (RG06)
Screening and Discussion: His Last Vow


Panel 5: Sherlock’s Fandom
Chair: Bertha Chin (Cardiff)
  • ‘Fangirl,’ Elizabeth Minkel (UCL)
  • ‘Sherlock Fanfiction: “That's not what people normally say,”’ Chiara Codeca (Independent)
  • ‘She’s Always a Woman to Me: Irene Adler, Sherlock Holmes Retellings and the Problem of the Woman,’ Joanna Kucharska (Jagiellonian)
  • ‘Boswell’s Blog: How Does Sherlock Engage with New Ways of Writing the Book of Life?’ Carrie Chandler (UEA)

Panel 6: Detection and Mystery
Chair: Tom Ue (UCL)
  • ‘The World Turns to Holmes: Home, Nation, and Empire,’ Tom Ue (UCL)
  • ‘Sherlock Series Three, Fan Service, and the Subtext of Mystery,’ Matt Hills (Aberystwyth)
  • ‘Professional Women in Conan Doyle and Sherlock: from Clients to Colleagues,’ Benedick Turner (St Joseph’s College)
  • ‘ “I, Too, Mourn the Loss”: The Absence of Holmes in Neo-Victorian Representations,’ Charlotte Beyer (Gloucestershire)

‘Fighting Paper Dragons? The Emergence of Political Ideology in Sherlock Series 3,’ Benjamin Poore (York)

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