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Friday, 7 March 2014

Michael Price (one of the #Sherlock composers) is doing an interview about composing for the screen

...and I can't go as I'm meant to be in Swindon for a works away day (two days) thingy! To be fair the works thing will actually be really good fun anyway, I work on a massive project to do with making medical devices safer, but if you've seen more than two of my tweets one of them was probably about film music - a subject that I find endlessly fascinating.

Over the last couple of years I've been to see ... 15... 20 (lost count) film / TV / screen composers talking about how they approach their work. Music in films is often the thing I'll notice most or remember (not always though, and sometimes not until I see a film again much later) and it's a topic I'd cheerfully study academically, although I reserve the right to chuckle at some of the language used in the literature.

I'm a bit sad not to get to the event listed below because Michael Price (@michael__price) is going to be talking about his work as well as playing (with cellist Peter Gregson) some of the Sherlock music. A previous talk of his, at Screened Music, sounds like it was absolutely brilliant but I wasn't aware of it at the time, but that post is a fascinating read.

So far I know of him only through his work on Sherlock, and I know of that only because I happened to hear the music being played by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in Manchester last year and was rather taken with it. I actually came to the television programme through discovering that I loved its music. Every time I go and hear a composer speak or attend a film music concert I end up discovering more lovely films and music.

Michael will be talking to Tommy Pearson who, coincidentally, was involved in producing the Manchester concert. It was part of a series of four film music concerts celebrating Mark Kermode's 50th birthday and I went to one at the Barbican and then the one at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. Through following Tommy on Twitter I've heard about a few other interviews with composers he's done and been along to the Elgar Room at The Royal Albert Hall to hear him interview George Fenton and Dario Marianelli, as part of the BAFTA Conversations with Screen Composers series. Some of the interviews are on the BAFTA website too.

So this event sounds awesome yet I won't be there, so I hope lots of other people will go and tweet about it and I'll read them over the wine and bread rolls at dinner in Swindon.

Composer Michael Price

Michael Price in conversation with Tommy Pearson
Monday 31 March 2014, 7pm
Royal Albert Hall (Elgar Room)
Tickets: £11.20

"Michael Price is one of the UK's most sought after composers. His work on the critically acclaimed BBC series Sherlock (which he scored with David Arnold) has earned him double Emmy and BAFTA nominations as well as a Royal Television Society Award.

Prior to achieving acclaim as a composer himself, Michael enjoyed significant achievements as a music editor, working on some of the most celebrated films of the past decade, including The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Richard Curtis' Love Actually, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and Children of Men. As a music editor, Michael has been nominated for four MPSE Golden Reel Awards, winning in 2001 for The Fellowship of the Ring.

Michael is currently recording a new classical album in Berlin for Erased Tapes Records and scoring the new Inbetweeners film with David Arnold."

Further reading
The Sound of Sherlock with Michael Price Sherlockology - this is a talk Michael gave to Screened Music in 2012. It's linked above but it's so interesting I have added it here again in case you missed it :)

Further listening
Sherlock CDs: S1 – Amazon UK | S2 – Amazon UK | S3 – Amazon UK
Sherlock mp3s: S1 – iTunes GB | S2 – iTunes GB | S3 – iTunes GB

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David Arnold: Live in Concert at the Royal Festival Hall - another opportunity to hear a bit of Sherlock music played, among his other music including Stargate and some of the James Bond films he scored - Sunday 6 July 2014.

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