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Friday, 14 March 2014

UK Science Festivals - phase one (a collection)... phase two (event dates)

If your favourite science festival isn't listed please let me know - comments below, jo dot brodie AT gmail dot com or @JoBrodie, thank you.

Science festivals and other festivals where science communicators might be involved

Acknowledgements: British Council's list of science festivals. The British Science Association also has a great list of festival (annual and one-offs) and local BSA chapter events too. Here's a list of science festivals in Scotland. Also British Interactive Group (BIG) listed above.

Art & Mind (Winchester)
See also Winchester Science Festival

Bangor Science Festival
14-23 March 2014

Big Bang Fair
13-16 March 2014

Brighton Science Festival
6 Feb - 2 March 2014
Bristol - Festival of Nature
7-15 June 2014 (Harbourside event 14-15 June, outreach programme May - July)

British Science Festival (city varies each year)
6-11 September 2014, Birmingham

Caithness International Science Festival
18-22 March 2014, Family Science Fun day Saturday 22 March 2014

Cambridge Science Festival
10-23 March 2014

Cardiff Science Festival
14-21 July 2014

3-8 June 2014

Darwin Festival - Shrewsbury
8-22 February 2014

Dunbar SciFest
22-23 March 2014

Dumfries & Galloway Science Festival - Wildscience
28 April - 4 May 2014

Dundee Science Festival
1-16 November 2014

Durham University Schools' Science Festival
1-3 April 2014

Edinburgh International Science Festival
5-20 April 2014

Fife Science Festival

Glasgow Science Festival
5-15 June 2014

Green Man Festival
Einstein's Garden -
Science At Play -
14-17 August 2014
Proposal deadline: 14 April 2014

Highland Science Festival

London Science Festival
12-19 November 2014

Manchester Science Festival
24 October - 3 November 2013

Middle of Scotland Science Festival - not sure if it will be annual, info for 2013
4-5 May 2013

Midlothian Science Festival
4-19 October 2014
5-20 October 2013

National Science & Engineering Week
14-23 March 2014

Newcastle ScienceFest
Maker Faire: 27-28 April 2013

Oban Festival of the Sea (marine life)
18-28 May 2014

Orkney International Science Festival
5-11 September 2013

Oxfordshire Science Festival
7-23 March 2014

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition
2-7 July 2013

Salter's Festivals of Chemistry - take place at different schools around the UK

Sidmouth Science Festival
13-19 October 2014

Winchester Science Festival
See also Art & Mind which appears to be a separate event
20-22 July 2013

Wrexham Science Festival
17-25 July 2014

York City of Festivals - science might not be every year
13-29 June 2013

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  1. Hi, unfortunately you missed Pint Of Science in your list which occurred this week 19th-21st May 2014 #pint2014 This year was their second edition, no doubt #pint2015 will be even bigger!!


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