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Monday, 23 November 2015

Things I or colleagues are giving away free this week

A variety of freebies here with things for teachers, children and young people and general members of the public.

For the family - a free magic show powered by hidden computer science with computer scientist professors (Peter and Paul) who are also amateur magicians. This is aimed at secondary school children and their families but it's a big venue so I doubt we'll turn you away if you aren't bringing children with you, just don't steal all the mince pies :) It's taking place at the People's Palace at QMUL.
[More info] [Free tickets]

@MooseAllain is also giving away a free PDF of his colour-in Advent Calendar, more info here - 

For teachers - a free workshop which looks at 'Sorting unplugged' - ways of introducing sorting algorithms into the classroom without actually using computers. From Paul Curzon (who's one of the magicians mentioned above) whose free workshops are perennially popular and good fun. It's taking place at QMUL too.
[More info] [Free tickets]

**NOT FREE** For teachers and others who are interested (£30/£60)
Nicola's my colleague on the Teaching London Computing project and she's a movement artist who uses coding in her projects. She's giving a couple of sessions on Introduction to Arduino. These are aimed at teachers but we've made some spaces available for members of the public who might be interested. There are two sessions running, one on Sat 28th, one on Mon 30th (and for the Monday one you'll need to bring a laptop cos we don't have access to the computer lab that day!). See if you can guess which four-letter-acronymed London university this is taking place at...
[More info] [Tickets - 28th] [Tickets - 30th, remember to bring laptop]

In an effort to clear out my boss's office I'm in the process of giving away some of our stock to the first ten people that fill in a form. Last week I sent out some of our new Ada Lovelace magazines out to 10 people around the UK, this week I'm giving away some of our 'recently older' stock to London folk (I promise to do something less London-centric this time).

  • a flyer for our Christmas magic show
  • A magic book
  • A pack of cards
  • A cs4fn magazine
  • A teleporting robot sheet
  • The robot dot illusion sheet
  • Biology loves Technology mini booklet
  • Hexahexaflexagons booklet and a sheet of hexahexaflexagons for you to cut out, fold, glue together and flex.
[More info, and the form you need to fill in - London only this time though!]

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