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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

[London] Free Magic of {Christmas} Computer Science show for secondary school children 2 Dec

The magic of Christmas Computer Science

The Magic of {Christmas} Computer Science

I love blogging about events and here's one that my colleagues are organising on 2 December (I'm helping with a bit of background admin).

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My awesome bosses Profs Paul Curzon and Peter McOwan (OK he's more of a colleague than a boss but he's the VP for Public Engagement and Student Enterprise so pretty boss, he was also kind enough to do a talk about robots for me when I screened Forbidden Planet) are doing the IET's Christmas Children's Lecture at QMUL (where I work).

This event is FREE and aimed at secondary school-aged children (and their mums, dads, guardians, teachers, brothers, sisters, grandparents etc) and it will be a lot of FUN. I suspect there'll be a bit of (voluntary!) audience participation. 

Paul and Peter are both computer scientists and I've worked with both of them on the CHI+MED project which was an EPSRC funded piece of research looking at ways of making interactive medical devices safer. A couple of colleagues on the project worked closely with the FDA and they (FDA) are making use or our research, which is quite exciting.

Both are also amateur magicians who have been using magic in their talks and events for years - both are frequently invited to be keynote speakers at things and through work I get lots of lovely emails and tweets from people telling me that people have really enjoyed and been inspired by their talks.

So if you have secondary-school aged children and teenagers (typically 11-16 year olds) then they might like this...

The magic of Christmas Computer Science

The Magic of {Christmas} Computer Science - click for a free ticket
Peter McOwan and Paul Curzon
The Great Hall at The People's Palace, QMUL, Mile End Road (bus stop D, short walk from Stepney Green tube station)
Doors 5pm, lecture starts at 5.30, mince-pies available afterwards
[More information] [Event flyer] [Free tickets]

Thanks to the IET for their support :-)

About this event

Maths and computer science are behind today’s technological wizardry! The speakers will guide you to the secret magical mystery world where science meets conjuring. See some unusual magic and sneak behind the presentation to explore the maths and computing behind it.

About the Speakers

Professor Peter McOwan QMUL Vice-Principal (Public Engagement and Student Enterprise) and Professor Paul Curzon. Peter McOwan and Paul Curzon are Professors of Computer Science in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary College University of london. As researchers and academics they apply their ‘magic’ to everything from robotics and artificial intelligence to the software of medical devices. Their infectious enthusiasm for exploring the endless possibilities of computer science has led them both to be elected as National Teaching Fellows. They work closely with the 'Computing at Schools' network, Peter was a founding member.  Paul also runs 'Teaching London Computing', which creates inspiring activities for teachers to use in class.

The speakers also run ‘Computer Science for Fun’, a magazine about the fun side of computing. They have been giving linked computing magic shows for over 10 years


17:00     Registration
17:15     Seating
17:30     Start of Lecture
18:30     Reception
19:15     Close

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