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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Worked example: redirecting some pages on the work website

Edit 18 November 2015: this worked

I am fiddling about with the work website - and we've moved some bits and pieces around so that the architecture makes sense.

Some of our older links of course now don't work but I still want them to as they're listed on other people's websies already and I want it to be easy / seamless without people having to update their URLs.

According to this website I am to create a file in the relevant folder and call it .htacess and then add the line

Redirect  /path-of-file-to-be-redirected  URL-of-page-to-go-to

That's all very well if it's just one page but I have several, as follows.

Redirect /research/infusionpumps/index.php
Redirect /research/infusionpumps/architecture/index.php
Redirect /research/infusionpumps/hazardanalysis/index.php
Redirect /research/infusionpumps/hcihumanfactors/index.php
Redirect /research/infusionpumps/modelbaseddesign/index.php
Redirect /research/infusionpumps/verification/index.php
Redirect /research/infusionpumps/dataloggers/index.php

I don't know if I should add them all in the single .htaccess file, or make an individual file for each page and number them .htaccess1 etc (not even sure if that would work).

Going to find out though...

This is what I'm after

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