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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Calling for the intersection of [teachers] in [London] who teach [Computer Science] & want to know about [CPD courses]

Where I work (QMUL) teaches Continuing Professonal Development (CPD) courses for teachers who'll be showing their pupils how to do Computer Science 'stuff' including programming and whatnot for the new GCSEs in Computer Science. This is a sort of train the trainers type of thing.

We've just sent out the latest issue of the cs4fn (Computer Science For Fun) magazine and included a note in it about the courses and a number of teachers have got in touch asking to be kept informed when new courses become available.

At the moment we're in Week 7 of a 10 week course and we're sorting out dates for the next courses. We've also secured some funding from the Mayor's Office as part of the London Schools Excellence Fund (LSEF) to run courses jointly with King's College London.

If you're a teacher in London (the courses are ONLY for teachers in London as that's what we're funded for) who would like to learn programming and also how to teach programming then ping me an email on cs4fn @ and I'll add you to the list.

We've a blog which has details of our previous courses and some other bits and pieces.

Of course we're not the only people who are teaching CPD courses to teachers - Computing At School (CAS) is collating information on programming courses around the UK, at

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