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Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Shuffle Festival is back at St Clements on Mile End Road

This summer I went to the Shuffle Festival in the grounds of the former St Clement's psychiatric hospital in Mile End. I'd been going past it on the bus or on foot and always thought it looked pretty interesting so I was really pleased to discover there was to be an event there and a film festival, curated by Danny Boyle.

St Clement's Hospital
They're now doing a Winter Shuffle and here are the films and events listed so far. The festival runs from Thursday 5 to Sunday 15 December 2013. All the links below should take you to the ticket buying options for that event and the info was pinched from this page:

The Shuffle Festival's website is at and they're on Twitter at @ShuffleFestival

This is a review, from a Benedict Cumberbatch fansite, of an event at the Summer Shuffle - Danny Boyle and a couple of people from the band Underworld were doing a Q&A alongside a showing of Danny's Frankenstein (filmed from the theatrical production). I saw this (not at Shuffle) and it was incredible. The blog post has a few pictures and videos of the Shuffle site.

St Clement's Hospital

Although he's not curating this festival Danny Boyle's doing a couple of Q+As in the list below. Science communicators might be interested in Dr Aarathi Prasad's Q+A about 'virgin birth' (here's a link to a show she did on the Little Atoms podcast) and anyone who likes Jarvis Cocker and Nic Roeg will be delighted at the Saturday 14 Dec evening event.

For timings visit the Shuffle Festival page and click on "Programme" from the links at the top.

There will also be theatre events but I don't think the programme's available for that yet.

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