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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tally of Facebook posts and press releases by WDDTY about The Times' articles

The last time The Times wrote an article about the magazine WDDTY (What Doctors Don't Tell You) they emitted numerous emails to their subscribers and published Facebook wall posts about it, to the point that I almost began to lose count.

Not this time though, I'm getting in early and totting them up. If I've missed any I'm sure someone will let me know.

1 November 2013 
At 13:31 WDDTY add this to their Facebook wall STILL TRYING TO BAN US discussing the fact that there would be a new article about them in The Times.

2 November 2013
The Times publishes its second article about the magazine, prompting WDDTY to post, at 20:58, another post called THE ELEPHANT STOMPS ON THE FLEA AGAIN FOR GOOD MEASURE

3 November 2013
Published at approximarely half past nine: WHY THE TIMES REPEATED THE SAME ATTACK ON WDDTY

4 November 2013
At around 8.30pm one of the editors of the magazine (Lynne McTaggart) published a post on her blog about Medical McCarthyism and cross-posted it to Facebook with the caps-lock-y title HAVE YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU EVER. . .TAKEN HOMEOPATHY? (this counts as posted once really I think, let's not be unreasonable). It's an odd sampling method.

Ms McTaggart repeats the claim that WDDTY has never said that homeopathy cures cancer - hmm, 'opinion is divided' on that one.

5 November 2013
A link was published to a post on the 'Adverse Reactions' blog on WDDTY's community section, called The Inconvenient Truth (there's a very interesting comment from a Dr, I hope it isn't deleted, which incidentally calls for WDDTY to sign the All Trials petition, as many others (including me) have).

6 November 2013
This morning Lynne McTaggart published THE REAL PSEUDOSCIENCE HERE on her own Facebook page.

Previous press releases from WDDTY, in October 2013

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