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Thursday, 17 May 2012

How to download @markgfh's Geek Manifesto (or any Kindle book) to your iPhone

I don't have a Kindle but I have noticed that I tend to read more and stare out of the train window less when I read things via my iPhone compared with books. Not sure why.

Mark Henderson has written a book I want to read called the Geek Manifesto about the way in which geeky types have already availed, or might avail, themselves regarding policy / political opportunities etc. Sounds good.

Here's how I downloaded it onto my iPhone 3GS running iOS v4.3.2 (it may be different if you've upgraded your software).

You will need
• An Amazon account (necessary)
• The Kindle app (free - I'm not entirely sure how necessary this is [1]
Note: the Amazon app is useless here as it won't let you download directly to Kindle!

1. Download the Kindle app from the app store for £0
2. Fire up Safari and log into your Amazon account, buy the Kindle edition of the Geek Manifesto book, it's ~£2-3 cheaper too, ooh.
3. Let the book download to your iPhone (it took less than a minute on 3G)
4. Open Kindle, read, giggle schadenfreude-ily at the bit at the beginning where the British Chiropractic Association get mocked.

[1] On downloading via Safari, Amazon said it would download it to Jo Brodie's iPhone and that it would appear on my homescreen. As it happened once downloaded it asked me if I wanted to go straight to Kindle which I did and there it was. Didn't find anything on my homescreen, but don't really care about that once I'd managed to download it anyway.

Initially I tried to download it via the Amazon app before I noticed it told me I couldn't (you may be able to do it on later software / update). What that app did let me do was save it to my wishlist, from which I then bought it once I logged in via Safari on the iPhone. Didn't really save much time but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless.

The Geek Manifesto cover on Kindle for iPhone
The cover, as shown on Kindle app for iPhone

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