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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Storify has added an 'add all tweets' button - hooray

One of the reasons I've traditionally preferred Chirpstory over Storify is that Chirp has always let you move large amounts of tweets at once (50 at one go). I've just noticed that Storify now lets you move 20 at one go - I don't know how long this has been possible, only visited the site today.

Anyway this is the bit to look for, highlighted in green.

For big events with lots of tweeting I'd still go for Chirpstory - another advantage is that you can re-order the tweets so that the earliest is at the top. You can also easily remove duplicates (which can creep in if you go back and edit on the second day of the conference, for examp, adding in the more recently posted tweets).

More Twitter wrangling tools here:


  1. is there a button to delete any/all duplocates at once? or do you have to manually delete duplicates one by one.

  2. For Chirpstory there's definitely a button which will take away any duplicates - I've used it. I'm not sure if the same exists for Storify. There's also a button to get rid of retweeted tweets.

    With Chirpstory it's quite easy to inadvertently put duplicates into the created story because, if you're working with a series of hashtagged tweets and add a new bunch a few hours after the first lot, the chances are you could overlap with a couple and add some that you've already got.

    With Storify you're moving a smaller number of tweets at one go so it's less likely that you'd have much of a problem with duplicates...


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