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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Things that have amused me... deleting some old emails

I have a BT Yahoo account with over 16,000 unread messages. Much of these are duplicates (I have a tendency to send copies of things to myself, a virtual as well as a physical hoarder) so it's not as if I've been ignoring people's emails on an unprecedented scale.

But.. spring cleaning and all that. Some of them I've kept cos they made me giggle and so I might throw a few of the examples in here to share the mirth.

14 September 2005
This was in today's Metro.  I thought the last two words might be an inapposite phrase for an astrologer to use while complaining about something.
"As an astrologer, I felt I had to respond to Kevin Burke's suggestion to remove the horoscope column (Metro, Tue).  I don't like sports but I don't ask you to remove it.  He also claims we use the same techniques as psychics.  Really? If horoscopes seem generalised, it is usually down to space constraints."

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