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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Whole Lotta Sole / Stand Off - some online resources

This is rather a record-keeping sort of post that I'll be updating as and when, but hopefully it's of interest to others. If you have anything to add my email address is at the top of this page.

It's safe to say that I'm always interested in films that feature Brendan Fraser - apart from his obvious charms he seems like a nice chap - but my particular interest in Whole Lotta Sole, as opposed to any other of his other new films*, is because my friend Amanda (she plays Mary Ellen and she's the one standing in the caravan in this pic) is also in it. Woohoo!

I discovered this fact entirely by accident in December 2011. Knowing that WLS had been listed as a 2011 film I thought "well when's it being released then? Only a few weeks to go..." and took a look at its IMDb page again. The word 'amazed' doesn't really do justice to my surprise at seeing my friends's name in the cast list that had been updated in November. She's very discreet :)

There wasn't a Wikipedia entry for the film... so I decided to create one (anyone can create or edit any page on Wikipedia, try it, it's fun) and so I set up a Google alert for the film's name to help me pick up info. This has brought not just lots of information into my Gmail account but also new resources that I'd not known about so I decided to organise some of the material here because I.. am a librarian ;)

Because the content on this post contains the name of the film then quite possibly it will also now show up in my Google alerts, so hello to anyone else who's set one up too.

P.S. If you think this is detailed, just wait till you see my minisites for diabetes statistical information or open air cinema screens in London. I decided that I could probably keep this to one blogpost page, but we'll see how unwieldy it gets...

Pages and websites relevant to Whole Lotta Sole
  • The trailer! Released 22 May 2012.
  • IMDb
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook (I don't know if the Twitter or Facebook pages are official accounts)
  • Wikipedia
    Facebook has a tendency to auto-create pages, derived from Wikipedia, for all sorts of things and true to form they've created one for the film here (this is just a mirror of the original Wikipedia page). Facebook fans can 'like' it - I don't know if they realise they're kind of hooked up to an orphan / non-real page...
  • Whole Lotta Sole (2011) at the Film Catalogue
  • Whole Lotta Sole (2012) at the Film Catalogue - no idea why there are two pages with different completion years
  • Film - Whole Lotta Sole 2011 - cast, set and other shots by photographer Aidan Monaghan
  • Tribeca Film Festival 2012 - photos from the world premiere of the film.

Reviews, previews, interviews and other information

                          Related Belfast Film Festival (BFF) events                      
                          8 June 2012 - Terry George (WLS director) talking film (screenwriting)
                          9 June 2012 - Nick Emerson WLS film editor) editing masterclass                
                        10 June 2012 - Whole Lotta Sole European premiere

               21 April 2012 - world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival
               Pics from the Premiere: Zimbio
*It appears to be Brendan Fraser's Year of Awesome as, according to his IMDb page, he's got seven films (gosh, it's now eight) on the go at the moment with Whole Lotta Sole having just had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and William Tell in 3D in pre-production (due in 2013). High-fives! (Although recent news suggests that Tell 3D might be having some difficulties).

Assuming it can go ahead, the William Tell 3D one sounds doubly fun - I love archery and despite maximum respect for Walter Murch I don't agree with his assessment of 3D films and find them rather exciting. Although it might actually be filmed in 2D anyway...

Not that long ago I did a Saturday morning course in archery and remained comfortably below average although I did hit a few golds which surprised us all. It probably didn't help that I'm left-eyed and right-handed so I might be parallax-ically challenged. Also I think William Tell wasn't much of a one for the longbow but went more for the crossbow - I've no idea how to shoot with one of those. Anyway don't rely on me for catching your tea, I expect I would be more likely to annoy rather than fatally injure the edible woodland creatures.

Here's that competent fellow Ray Mears using stoneage tools to make an English longbow (I think it is in the style of the Holmegaard bow?) and some arrows with Chris Boynton - this is actually what spurred me to take up archery classes. It's a lovely bit of television.

I also see from the WLS trailer above that my friend Amanda appears to be shooting a crossbow (at about 2m 16s). Holy crap that's a bit cool :)

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