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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Some links I need for later for session at SciCom12

On Tuesday I'm taking part in a panel session on Communicating Tricky Topics at the Science Communication Conference (#SciCom12 is the new hashtag) and wanted to add some links here before I put them into a more formal blog post...

The Quack Clinic checklist
- a great piece highlighting some things to be aware of when determining whether or not a clinic offering some treatment or other is likely to be a bit dodgy. The information in this link will be particularly relevant for one of the four discussion sessions, which is on unproven treatments.

Everything communicates, but is everyone a communicator?
- this is more about general (not science) communication within and from a charity, touching on the use of social media and intranets. While not specifically relevant to the session we're running there's always some overlap whenever anyone talks about comms.

The Cost of Knowledge (pdf)

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